Please update your information and preferences for your contact with Bosch

Some time ago, you have established contact with us, at your university, in your search for an internship or job or during an event at one of our Bosch locations. We would like to ask you, in accordance with GDPR legislation, whether you want to stay in touch with us on career-related matters in 2021. Examples of this are personal invitations to (digital) career-, knowledge- and / or network events and career opportunities especially selected for you.

Would you like to stay in touch with us? Great! We ask you to fill in the form on this page, so that we can update your contact details and preference in our database, and make sure to keep you updated in 2021.

Do you want to end the contact with us? Unfortunately! We will remove you from our database if we receive a negative or no response from you on 31-12-2020.

Ready to make your choice?