Bosch Technology Event

Meet your future employer on March 22nd 2017

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  • Bosch Technology Event

    March 22nd 2017 in Weert
  • Guided Tour

    (Sneak Preview) Behind the scenes at Bosch
  • Workshops

    Experience working at Bosch
  • 80 Employees

    Ask your questions and experience our company culture
  • Internships & Jobs

    Start your successtory at Bosch
  • Networking & Conviviality

    Grow your network and have a great day

About Bosch Technology Event 2017

During our fully catered event which will take place the 22nd of March 2017 at Bosch Weert, you get an idea of what it is that makes working at Bosch so special. Not only do you get to experience our company culture, you get to talk to our employees and directors, participate in exciting workshops and take a look behind the scenes.

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Working at Bosch

As an employee of Bosch you are part of a company that is a world leader in technology and services. We are represented in 35 locations in the Benelux and in more than 60 countries around the world. Working at Bosch is the start of an adventurous career.

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Why should you visit the Bosch Technology Event

Meet Bosch during our interactive and fun event! Take the chance to expand your network. During the event you get the chance to ask all your questions to our employees. They will share their experience and you get the chance to inform about your own possibilities at Bosch.